On // View

"The city of right angles and tough, damaged people." Pete Hamill
images from Jadite Gallery, Dec 17, 2009, showing Rick Poston's "Intimacy and Innocence" - Nudes in Black & White Photos" in which I was a model.
(post-note: First image was published in LeNegatif Issue No. 14)


Spice // Drop

Gravitational pull towards a soft landing.
Slide rules, sorrowful sighs and disatisfied lies.
Push cart can't go.
Delicate doe in a frost bitten bound
boardwalk to swan dive.
Spice drop soliloquy
covered bridges and catapults.


(The Fog)

Obnubilation as the synapses cease fire 
Grey eyed and soggysloppy.
Water soluable slide to
someplace remote enough to
hide the echo.

Considerate deliberation sings her song,
not contrite admiration.
Seconds and thirds,
pushes and pulled through the kaleidoscope.
Fractal forgery, trapped lemmings on cliffs.
Seaside dive seems so sweet but for the breath of air
stolen at the pause to commit.

The man with the baby skin
weave a lie so deep
oceans cease to
drain the sands from the vision.
He tell you ya gonna be a star and then
sinks and slays your spirit so sweet
seeking not to supply the sickness with the solemness.

Big mouth secret sickness say over and over how ya gonna be somebody but...

Neighboring // Titles

random books. random place. notsorandom. Nothing is as random as it seems....


Long // Run

Local train; long run.
Slippery slope disappear
near the weeping willows.
Sleeping inside the riverside rowboat.
Hide and seek speak to me in
worried whispers the world waits for
her savior.

The box said no one else can leave.
Backwards seat sing along
Beautiful blunders, force fed fall
over the edge into predictable plummet
Surreptitious sunshine slips in and blushes
when reproached by the
horde of lumen-starved insignificants.

Lining the shores seeking the rain
we hunt and peck and
rabble rabble rabble.
Follow through the open door
check out and slip away
Reanimate to escape the elastic people
Vocal chords tied to tongue and grasping for goodness.


(Mountain Song)

Dazed dozing eyes wide open
Free fall foliage
Iron giants stride and stretch their
Life lines under the
cool breath of god.
Listening to the notes, searching for
Synapse fire. Something
Recognizable or relate-able .... or
Carefully bursting the bubbles of
Captured concern
Disassembling during delicate dissection
Rummage through rumor and ruin.
Stagnation supplements stoical solution.