Occupy // Brutality

On Honor of Occupy Wall Street.... 
The Jilted Generation will prevail. 

These images were shot in February.... Police Brutality is real. We are now seeing a more evident episode of this constant problem in Zucotti Park today- National Day of Action, November 17th, 2011. 

I don't know the situation here. I know that those cops berated and embarrassed the black gentlemen to no end. They left him handcuffed on the ledge for nearly an hour. In the city of Rodney King, you would think the police would show far more intelligence and compassion when arresting ANYONE, specifically someone of a non-caucasian background. Eventually they called in 3 more police vehicles, and as you can see in the last image- all of the officers stood and laughed. 


Rocketship // Rainbow


Rocketship Rainbow, relating the days events during a fly by on-air adventure. Sometimes is sounds better than you remember. Little drummer boy marches off into the sunset looking for heralds of the new age, hoping to find luck in love and wondering if the world will wait. 


Sonic // Apple

All images, NYC March 2011- The NYApple is from a sidewalk to the ocean in western Florida state, 2011


Pike // Place

Pike's Place, feaster of saints.
Husky busking on the corners.
Rough on the edges, sweet-skinned-flesh.