( Sit. Stay. Go. )

Systematic reclamation of the
Pieces of me that you left for the dogs.
Shuffle scuffle and relay race.
Let's all chase our tails, sit and stay.
A Rustle of leaves kisses our faces as we run rampant thru Hill and Dale spilling our pails over far yonder ya-yas. Sunlight steaks in out hair giving golden glow, a forbidden familiar force. She is a star that we chase in vain, always sinking below the linear finale. Lost to wander amongst the lesser-knowns and our dear aloof sultana. Scruples and seances supplement the distance, leaves all wanton and wretched in the place of a solid sentient.

Slip away silently sweet gypsy; they call you back amongst the vagabonds. Climatic catalysm orchestrated by unbounding charm- break the bonds of belonging and escape the tree. 
Closer to the sky but farther is the fall.


Black // Dahlia

Boredom is not becoming
even as the 
frenetic foes topple and twist 
inside sighs and solitude. 
Hurtle hastily towards the high noon. 
Spiral out and settle into the 
sterile sublimation.

(feat. Candace Nirvana)


Vicious // Cycle

Sticky sublimation twisted trust twists security southbound. Take a dive to stay alive and associate with isolation. Run rabbit run. Reality reeks of reunions and regret. Rebound to write it out. Force out the facts and face frightening foe. Escape can't come soon enough. Sooner to be selective than reflective of errors and passed judgments. Suicide seems to sanctify those that reiterate resignation, but in turn burns the bridges from the benign.  Step aside and stop martyring the dead. Mysticism and melancholy meets moral methods and sends the sacred to speak of silent specifications.

Running out of the pathetic patience which has replaced furtive fortitude. Eidetic elegies of erratic behavior has burned a hole in an otherwise hopeful heart. Fear is a fortress whose moat knows no bounds, and the fearless have no map by which to navigate. Once inside all visible vitality is eradicated in order to proliferate the feeble faults of fertility.

Stitches simplify sentiment from whence wicked worries wake sleepy dragons. Moonlight masks waterfalls on faces so that forward motion can follow selective stills. Stuck on staccato. Spit your haughty high hopes on salted surface and see what grows. Fallacy fakes legitimacy. Shifting story lines show selective memory in your favor. Forces fallout to satisfy some security-seeking need. Thirsty for thoughtful recognition of reality. Rumble in guts glorifies the sacrifice, feeding of futile forethought. No determination to stay awake for the feast. Flood rush of released penance from postponed persecution of separation.


(Mouth Like a Machine Gun)

Mouth like a machine gun, heart like a hand grenade. Light brigade seeking solution sends the search dogs to sniff out their prey. Hooves pounding the ground hardened of the sacrificial lamb, storming like thunder through the fields, nostrils flaring swallowing the steam of perspiration.

Seek ye like hounds, like thieves, like the monsters of folklore and fairytale alike. Pushing the throe of discrepancy to the sea and forcing it into the cauldron to sink with the leaves. Mists and magic and things like miracles to run to and rescue the oddities; With pen as thy sword seek to alleviate the agony against the seldom seen sideshow.

Heed the country, heed the morality of monstrous capacity, the lemming like cliff dive from the rocks of humanity. Rush the rest of us through frivolity into the dangerous degradation of sympathy.



Secret // Liason


Shocked to see me, she looked lovely in that red coat. It's like time and space stopped for her; ghosts walked by her side, and her angels fled in cackles and screams. This is every-man's land, this city; it belongs to us all, yet at the same time none of us.  The same solid grid dissipates into the river with only the skeletal remains of our ancestors strapped up in cables to lead the way to the ocean. It'd been a long time, little red riding hood, but in this city apparitions are inherent, with the water walls, there is no escape.