Vicious // Cycle

Sticky sublimation twisted trust twists security southbound. Take a dive to stay alive and associate with isolation. Run rabbit run. Reality reeks of reunions and regret. Rebound to write it out. Force out the facts and face frightening foe. Escape can't come soon enough. Sooner to be selective than reflective of errors and passed judgments. Suicide seems to sanctify those that reiterate resignation, but in turn burns the bridges from the benign.  Step aside and stop martyring the dead. Mysticism and melancholy meets moral methods and sends the sacred to speak of silent specifications.

Running out of the pathetic patience which has replaced furtive fortitude. Eidetic elegies of erratic behavior has burned a hole in an otherwise hopeful heart. Fear is a fortress whose moat knows no bounds, and the fearless have no map by which to navigate. Once inside all visible vitality is eradicated in order to proliferate the feeble faults of fertility.

Stitches simplify sentiment from whence wicked worries wake sleepy dragons. Moonlight masks waterfalls on faces so that forward motion can follow selective stills. Stuck on staccato. Spit your haughty high hopes on salted surface and see what grows. Fallacy fakes legitimacy. Shifting story lines show selective memory in your favor. Forces fallout to satisfy some security-seeking need. Thirsty for thoughtful recognition of reality. Rumble in guts glorifies the sacrifice, feeding of futile forethought. No determination to stay awake for the feast. Flood rush of released penance from postponed persecution of separation.