( Sit. Stay. Go. )

Systematic reclamation of the
Pieces of me that you left for the dogs.
Shuffle scuffle and relay race.
Let's all chase our tails, sit and stay.
A Rustle of leaves kisses our faces as we run rampant thru Hill and Dale spilling our pails over far yonder ya-yas. Sunlight steaks in out hair giving golden glow, a forbidden familiar force. She is a star that we chase in vain, always sinking below the linear finale. Lost to wander amongst the lesser-knowns and our dear aloof sultana. Scruples and seances supplement the distance, leaves all wanton and wretched in the place of a solid sentient.

Slip away silently sweet gypsy; they call you back amongst the vagabonds. Climatic catalysm orchestrated by unbounding charm- break the bonds of belonging and escape the tree. 
Closer to the sky but farther is the fall.