Lost // Found

Gather up the lost and found.
Lean in and listen.
Use pretty handwriting while writhing beneath skin.

Sentimental to touch and breath
She sees deep and
digs up the dark.

Trash-Cart Soothsayer
Truth-slayer, tattered and torn.
Snagged on a barb to blow in the wind-
A momentary pause does not indicate permanence.

Uneasy- treading time, not leaving much of a trail.
Breadcrumbs become fodder for the sorrows and the
Light bleeds between the lines.

Model: S Nia
Location: Shenandoahs, Virginia
All natural light, with a made on-the-spot ripped up t-shirt (you didn't want that back, Phil?)
More of Miss Nia will be posted to my facebook and tumblr!