There's 8million people clamoring for my attention and
All I want is yours. 

Deadlines, bylines, rail lines...
talking in code and colors- 
Soft corals disintegrate the
Benin blue that has been 
Waiting for a moment's rest to
Relocate to Twilight.

Let's not wake the River.


Lost // Found

Gather up the lost and found.
Lean in and listen.
Use pretty handwriting while writhing beneath skin.

Sentimental to touch and breath she sees deep and
digs up the dark.

Trash Cart Soothsayer
Truth-slayer, tattered and torn.
Snagged on a barb to blow in the wind-
A momentary pause does not indicate permanence.

Uneasy- treading time, not leaving much of a trail.
Breadcrumbs become fodder for the sorrows and the
Light bleeds between the lines.

Model: S Nia
Location: Shenandoahs, Virginia
All natural light, with a made on-the-spot ripped up t-shirt (you didn't want that back, Phil?)
More of Miss Nia will be posted to my facebook and tumblr!


Tele // Vision

model: Keira Grant
location: Madonna Inn, California
makeup/styling: Carly Erin O'Neil (self)


Fault // Line

Rise Up! 
The season to weep bears no fruit. 
Boxcars blast by selecting the 
frame-by-frame of a dreary horizon. 
Fallow Fertility- what was bred is bad. 
Better believe you hold your hands 
too close to the Fire.
Barriers, fences, all to 
alleviate your eyes of recognition of 
Fault and Fear of Forever. 

Release the wrong which lives a life of luxury-
Lingering in lies, lost in an intricately interlaced
architecture of your own construction.


Pray // Prey

lemniscate ambition
deep end
deep thaw
introverted radiation 
was never necessity
sweet swollen lotus
pray, peel!
prey not 
on the lackluster leftovers of 
the penitent.

model: Holly Rogue


Time // Zone

time zone time frame mindset mends
sentiments sent soaring
click track tick tack told me a story
visualize to minimize the strain of
lost longing, leaving liquid-like
reminisces to retain the raw


Breach // Trust

Like a worm on a 
Swam so long against the tide
worn out gills
lack of oxygen
Scales fall
and balance begins to 
become sedentary. 
Sediment sticks in the hollows
but fear is no longer the foreground.


Bound // Grace

Up against a...
Force to be reckoned with
lost in life's entaglements
disillusioned with the 


Breaking // News

Collect Belongings. Exit.
Sit. Wait. Swallow Whole Bites
(while you exercise the right for them to relinquish your own.)

Check In. Check Out. 185 Miles to your next
(temporary) Destination.

Home is where the heart is, if you can remember where you left it. They had high hopes, you know.

Power On. Log In. 
Fein intimacy (as thought it still exists) until loneliness reminds you that
It never did.
Chime in as though you care, but already can't remember what you said. 

Descend. Light Rain. 61 Degrees. 

The buzz from the tele: 
the magical glass house (with bouffant and boobs)
mouthing muted mutiny. 
They Did It Again. 
Breaking News.

(original pen date: Sept. 2011.
Photo from archive, Coney Island, 2009)


Dissolved // Girl (ii)

Lights out. Eyes up to 
the stars, to the skies that drink 
us in while we sink.

A continuation of my series "Dissolved Girl" that I'm currently shooting....Lots of existentialism here. One day I'll put it all into words. You may remember some of this from when Rebecca Lawrence visited....  The model here is the lovely Freya Gallows.