Breaking // News

Collect Belongings. Exit.
Sit. Wait. Swallow Whole Bites
(while you exercise the right for them to relinquish your own.)

Check In. Check Out. 185 Miles to your next
(temporary) Destination.

Home is where the heart is, if you can remember where you left it. They had high hopes, you know.

Power On. Log In. 
Fein intimacy (as though it still exists) until loneliness reminds you that
It never did.
Chime in as though you care, but already can't remember what you said. 

Descend. Light Rain. 61 Degrees. 

The buzz from the tele: 
the magical glass house (with bouffant and boobs)
mouthing muted mutiny. 
They Did It Again. 
Breaking News.

original pen date: Sept. 2011.