(Heart Strings Sing Staccato)

heart strings sing staccato
as anxiety rides up into me
jockyed by
heat waves and fever shocks.
Ultimately the future cannot be so
pressing as to be riddled with such

My own silence is
settled      yet      surprising. . . . . . . Have I nothing to say?
My mind's mouth is
sutured by waves of
external emotions as it becomes merely
the observer.

Martyrd by my own mystery
Left to decompose and desintegrate
Rot retreats to
Reorient into Reality.
Dreams transmutate to dispel the
horrifying bite of brass tacks.
You are, for me,
elevation and humility.


(Train of thought......)

Singing strings slip through thematic theory.
Tracks and bends
jumps and thrusts
Dusts of translucent time settles 
Showing signs of
Home hung hats.  
Always on the train
To somewhere. 
Thought to Thought 
heart sound 
hunger pangs 
resolution and respite in a 
resounding applause to
stand up for valor and 
feathers in hats, polo clubs and foxes. 
                                                           Exits stage left and balcony desperations
                                         woven into my thread 
                                    my fibers 
                           my being.          Fantastical fairy-teller gaze 
into your crystal ball and 
run away with me. 
Flee and fly to light up the sky. 
Climb lighthouses and weather storms. 
Paint me pretty colors to 
guide your way back 
                                                                                                                              when tossed to the sea.


(Crackerjack Surprise)

Fingers or fists-
Fits of finite fervent sanctity.
Future proof futility
Twists, tricks, triumphs!
Grainy, gritty
Shoreline synchronated
satisfaction satiates
Crackerjack Surprise.
Simple solo Force
Glimmering forefront
Storefront solitude
Flame flicker inhalations
Inept exploration
Exempt exile

It's not the same now without your watchful eye. Slave to simplistic survival.  Spoiled determinatiion to sink under. Heavy breath heaving chest enigmatic arch. Examination of introversion and implied diversion. Rising suffocating heat hordes comfort complicating coorelated fates.

How can one eighty spin so fast and patterns dance like leaves in plaster and corners? Failure to withold hopes and forward gravitational flow.  Waiting for the sunrise I am bored searching for some connection that is a gift of some Christmas that will never arrive.

Fingers crossed and frozen breath as heartbeats pound away.