(Train of thought......)

Singing strings slip through thematic theory.
Tracks and bends
jumps and thrusts
Dusts of translucent time settles 
Showing signs of
Home hung hats.  
Always on the train
To somewhere. 
Thought to Thought 
heart sound 
hunger pangs 
resolution and respite in a 
resounding applause to
stand up for valor and 
feathers in hats, polo clubs and foxes. 
                                                           Exits stage left and balcony desperations
                                         woven into my thread 
                                    my fibers 
                           my being.          Fantastical fairy-teller gaze 
into your crystal ball and 
run away with me. 
Flee and fly to light up the sky. 
Climb lighthouses and weather storms. 
Paint me pretty colors to 
guide your way back 
                                                                                                                              when tossed to the sea.