(Mouth Like a Machine Gun)

Mouth like a machine gun, heart like a hand grenade. Light brigade seeking solution sends the search dogs to sniff out their prey. Hooves pounding the ground hardened of the sacrificial lamb, storming like thunder through the fields, nostrils flaring swallowing the steam of perspiration.

Seek ye like hounds, like thieves, like the monsters of folklore and fairytale alike. Pushing the throe of discrepancy to the sea and forcing it into the cauldron to sink with the leaves. Mists and magic and things like miracles to run to and rescue the oddities; With pen as thy sword seek to alleviate the agony against the seldom seen sideshow.

Heed the country, heed the morality of monstrous capacity, the lemming like cliff dive from the rocks of humanity. Rush the rest of us through frivolity into the dangerous degradation of sympathy.