6 // 7

6 continents, 7's too many. 

Forethought frontier hopping hoping for meltdown. Dingy sounds slide from vinyl in solitary confinement where the lines meet. Brittle bones ring out cacophany while the winter slips in underfoot. Alarms, slowing pace, curious looks filling a napping void. Dreamy eyes search the skies for answers in clouds and various shades of blue, blurred vision anticipates the stop. Manifested occurances inside the blink of time. How do you sleep so readily, sinking inside- do you not come to me energized and free? Day has broken and burned off, leaving room for more.

Heavyset eyelashes on cramped eyelids. Halfassed attemp to flee the city swimming in vexation and virility. Monochromatic moments mimic the jungle rough and tumble.