(Cry, the Beloved Country)

An autonomous chill sneaks up and sedates the swaying leaves into retreating into metamorphosis triggering nostalgia and nuisance. Shiny screws in a dirty window pane diffuse and delay the lingering light as it too secedes to a solemn sigh. Resignation rolls around my mouth but in due process is swallowed in anticipation.

At the bottom there is no escape.

Parisian streets, Portuguese feet sink into the long stretch. Countdown to deadline. Slide right by. Riots and raves, fireworks and faves. Linear vocalization in order to calm the masses. Heal with light, feed with space. Heed the cry of the beloved country. 

Train tales tinker tinker blink. X-Y axis yeilds high. Memorialize and feast on occular optimization. Open those eyes sweet song time travel.

Neon no you beter gogogo. Hair whisps and sweaty palms seems strong after so long. Flashback fall forward shake shake glow. Hip thrust who you trust now that the man is gone backwards flip. Feisty face pout past your bedtime alram clock hip hop hop. Time ticking space bomb raw raw seesaw tip it top it taste cheap shot. Talk a lot