Ninety // Five

Economical engineering stalks the skyline leaving a rickety tick symphony to sing with the birds. Tender timber tags along, awkwardly standing at constant attention. All eyes fixed in the grey-blue nimbus oblivion outside the edge of our motor coach aquarium ache with anticipation of the falling sun. Elbow Room beside Bel-Air, Track & Turf tempt road-sick rebels to feast as foreign fodder for housewives' floggers. City-hopping, hustlin' the road for time and protection to ensure immediately delivery. Skyline's signals flicker in a tonality texturizing the atmosphere, alluding to cooresponding intersections in a two-dimensional grid. Molehills seem like mountains backed up against the ticky-tacky shacks for their Things. Momma peaks beneath the drifts, relishing a little r&r from the blithering masses and the itch of them against her skin. Empty loading docks birth useless rigs, cranes hoist hopes which have become heavier than the emptied consumeristic cargo. Cephalopodic arms stretching thin, grasping green hills and chasing dreams across the sloping horizon, binge on beliefs and birthday cake- starving cities and suffocating synergistic symbiosis. Skylight warms her hands in sunset's wash and prepares the giants to ride the night sky, all a-twinkle to transpose danger to high-flying trapeze artists. Landing-launch pad for escapists to entertain epiphanous calls to eloquent epistles; coffins for the disease of want stack side-by-the-hundreds-side.

Go // Flurry

Organized flurry of alphabet gathers
in a fog and I cannot seem to
order them into snowflakes and
have them dance, following the
flicker from a candle, and land lost and
frostbitten to melt into puddles
collecting consciousness.

Fear folds around me
suffocating the saving rays of a
newborn nebula.

Gut says "Go!" and I
race towards infinity to

lie in the warmth of
neonatal nonsense.

What is next in this
linearly-negative space? Swallow self into
pure potential, and the
fortitude for follow-through
finds my feet, stabilizing
recurring sabotage attempts sinned in a
sad effort to fulfill an
unknown penance.

Gone are the times when a gloze-over-getaway can be acceptable gain.