A Collection of Writings I

After a couple requests to see some new work, here's some from the depths .... I have this mismatched, severely unorganized way of scribbling down my thoughts, usually on a train, for fear that if I don't record them the second they breeze through my heart and my mind that my lips will surely forget their substance. Yet, by not compiling and organizing they remain just that- a breeze that I remember once, in a distant undefined place scribbled, collected somewhere...

Here is the attention they deserve, for they are in actuality living breathing things, full of opinion and spit-fire. They are a breath within me, a heave of my chest, a beat of my heart, the flap of a wing which intends to fly...

Collection of Writings I

I. Darling, don't forget.

simple minded son of a gun
its really interesting how you
thought you could run-
Kinda funny how the rabbithole
turns circles around you
pick and post your
pretty little pictures and
paste together what it is
you wanna believe
try and conceive that
I cannot be
healed and pinched into your
perception of perfection
you fed and fabled and fictionalized
forged forward and shoved me down
gift wrapped ready to go
get off your back
but i told you so
i prophesied the obvious, but
your eyes blind bound for the
poster-child spun your lies
devious deceit darling, don’t forget.

II. Desiderata

set me on fire
set me free
run with the high beams on
proof of my desire
dreams that cannot be
sedated fantasies
slowly leak
restricted access key
heavy weighted shoulders
defeated silently
hunched over inadequacies
faceted farces masquerade as
magnificent marquees
horse heavy thunder
echoed heart and mind
called asunder
catastrophic cleave
I am so far behind

III. Full Card, GO

Molecular monotony
Spend life
Star circles
Bounce and fall
Lose and call
One up fall down
Ion on
Ion off
Surge sorrow
Linger tomorrow
Tall and hollow
Minus positive
Dependent dance
Full card go
Stay slow
Trade and pay
Better day

IV. What I Would Like to Say

I would like to tell you all the things you have done to push my face into the pillow of my own discretions. I would like to paint a picture so brilliantly disastrous that the walls would cry as I repeat and proofread-

-But you have taken that from me as well- long before the need to explain came into focus. I hesitate and hold out waiting for it to speak for itself, but am too frightened to listen.

V. Polluted

beneath broken dreams
bones brittle
life, it seems has left me

screams and fists
bound at the wrists
fits and trysts
decipher delirium as
solitude delinquently seeps in

repetitious distractions persuade me deep
massaged by fear and fate
divided truths penetrate
leaving holes in which your
hesitation pours right in and
pollutes my permeable disposition

VI. Lie My Friend, Long

Lie my friend long
As the day fades away….
Winter creeps in with a kiss
A mist and a sweet whisper
Leaves linger
desaturated and dismissed

Lie my friend long
Sweet symphonies sing
You are gone and will be missed
Your melody gently rests
Glances linger
Haunting and harmonious

VII. Rabbithole

Caterpillar stairs
Cold-shouldered stares
Heirs of the mechanical
Descend into sub-atoma.
Dive in the dependable
Have your tea-
Throw it overboard

Giants thunder through
Scream to stop
Sigh underweight

VIII. Yours and Mine

Resentment against you for shutting my door-
making me save myself for just you and I.
I didn't speak- I didn't feel, and for that
you became erasure-bound.
And now I find myself somewhere in the
midst of that process minus your presence-
it lingers on.
I hide there in that place that is
just yours and mine.
That place of broken wings that
I felt was deafening has become my shelter-
resurrected feathers build a glistening shrine,
is my place of respite where the
reel plays on rewind.
It is just yours and mine.

*all under 2007 copyright.