(All the Wild Things)

Timelines trip the toes
of the Fortuitous, and eventually,
a trickle that treaded softly amongst the
soft-spoken become
torrents that flood all
connective-tissue, exacerbating the
gash of a cruel-chain-of-events.

do all
lost people

Never-Never Land, hand in hand with God-
waiting for a fold in time to
reconnect the disjointed     delinquents.

Eyelashes sticktogether
bonded by the salt and sweat, and
Sweet Dreams.
Eyes impregnated with
flash forwards of what
can be
should a stream of consciousness
prevail over preliminary percussive poisons.

A veiled stillness imitates
when, behind the curtain the
effervescent shit-show of
renegade relics of personailty
sing songs.