(Bird of the Bayou)

oh, sweet serenity, how the deafness falls upon mine ears and creates a dumbfounding darkness. it has been too long since the sound of your chorus has filled these spaces. I pause, poised and prepared to traverse the meadowlands and race V-8, floorboard, forward into the badlands- those streets with no name, rugged and abating. skulking shadows of the firefly lights traipse behind in whispers and giggle while I find myself steadfast in your heart.

Until that gravity plants me imperviously cheek to cheek, I sigh and sing like the bird of the bayou. Idle hands, have I not? They are reaching for any task that can dissuade them from becoming the playthings of a devil of distance. Ice descends upon them, and I am reticent to implore them cessation. Lost in the inter-webs of daydream dialogues, the sun shall soon usurp the clouds, and open before me my pilgrimage.