(Light Lingers Last)

Light lingers last,
lasciviously licking it's lips,
smacking throws, piercing eye,
finicky frothing forward, trailing
behind desertion. Lusterless,
the laws and traditions mean
nothing to the reverted.
Free wind for trial and error.

Reality elevates it's timing,
rising giants strident in a jungle of machines.
Hand held rush through hallowed halls reading
palms of the Masters.
Click-clack-tiles sing of
higher methods and legends, escape hatch
adventure into wonderland.

Expressionism exhales sentiment.
Snap-trap moments to
plasticize potential and
rectify righteous reasoning.
Flicker under ticker tape parades,
fortress in magical forest,
fast for words, and
breathless in mind.

Wind rush race to the finish,
flying fear first into
headlong heights.
Inclination to entrust Icarus,
to seek sky,
to blink and to fly.