Drop // Dig

My little raphaelite-
Gentle soft sweet ache.
Same as the voice which
designated you soul entrustee, that
voice again beckons,ordering to
Drop everything and come to thee.
Feet a flurry and heart,
in hushed whispers, sings.
Come into the garden and
dig deep down into me,
seek asymmetrical physiology.
(Its right there.)
I wander
lost in living through you,
circulated in my journey.
Look around,
see through me,
speak to be.
Paint the wind
surging through my hair.
In through me,
stir of the winter floor,
my path emerges through the
overgrown skeleton keys.
See in me
intimate imitations of
thine idolatry.
Capture the sweet secrets
mine eyes speak t'thee as
inside moments of infinity.